The Terrain, the Player and the Consultant

Quartier Pleyel, Saint-Denis, Plaine commune

The Grand Encounter took place on 23rd June 2018, bringing together all eleven teams and their many supporters for a tournament with live commentary.

The matches that took place in To Goal or not to Goal enabled each group to express their points of view, hopes and concerns, as well as to offer their own responses, in the presence of the Mission Publique team, made up of representatives of the city of Saint-Denis and of Plaine Commune. This event was an opportunity to respond to a desire for the collective and for the neighbourhood to express itself, to acknowlege all these people’s strength in their presence, to experiment with these social spaces and encounters thanks to the fact that the Gymnase Aimée-Lallement was open to everyone, and to enjoy a shared meal organised by various neighbourhood voluntary associations on the Place des Pianos.


  • Prize for engagement: Pleyel and Pleyel le quartier (teams from the Antenne jeunesse)
  • Prize for the employees of the month: Ampère Jamais (team of EDF employees)
  • Special critics prize: Les Désenchantés (team from the Citizen Council)
  • Prize for self-organisation: QLF (team Que la famille)
  • Prize for hospitality: Big School (team of parents, children and activity leaders from the Anatole France primary school)
  • Prize for coming up: Les Petit Boulangers (team of parents, children and teachers from the Lili Boulanger primary school)
  • Prize for slowing down: Mission Publique (team of representatives from Plaine Commune and the city of Saint-Denis)
  • Walkway Prize: Anina Jia Muut (team of students from the Académie Fratellini)
  • Prize for prediction: Lumières Pleyel (winning team for the competition Inventons la métropole sur le méta-îlot)