The Terrain, the Player and the Consultant

Quartier Pleyel, Saint-Denis, Plaine commune

In the second year of the project eleven teams were set up to localise and confront different perceptions of the neighbourhood and the urban projects that were already underway. To construct their points of view, the groups got together into working groups to write songs, design sports kits and to learn to play To Goal or Not to Goal, a game combining football and theatre.

The teams met up in “clubhouses”, prototype social spaces set up for the youth branch, inside the Anatole France activity centre and the Lili Boulanger primary school, because there is no dedicated place in the neighbourhood for local community activities.
  • The Mission Publique team was made up of representatives of Plaine Commune and the city of Saint-Denis
  • The Pleyel team represented the young people from Antenne jeunesse (the youth branch)
  • The Barça team from Saint-Denis was composed of children who train at Barça Saint-Denis and parents who accompany them to their training sessions
  • The Big School team represented the Anatole France primary school: children, parents, activity leaders
  • The QLF team is Que la Famille, 3 generations
  • The Défenseurs de la Butte team represented the inhabitants of Rue du Docteur Poiré, mobilised around the issue of the changes being made to the interchange of the A86
  • The Ampère Jamais was composed of employees of EDF (Electricité de France)
  • The Petits Boulangers team was made up of parents, children and teachers from the group of schools Petits Pianos Lili Boulanger
  • The Lumières Pleyel group represented the winners of the competition Inventons la métropole sur le méta-îlot, huge urban planning competition
  • The Désenchantés team was made up of members of the Citizen Council of the Pleyel Confluence neighbourhood
  • The Anina Jia Muut included Anina and her fellow students in their first year at the Académie Fratellini (circus academy)