The Terrain, the Player and the Consultant

Quartier Pleyel, Saint-Denis, Plaine commune

In the third half-time we replayed the match, this time to make an overall assessment of the process in order to prepare for the future.

A working group was set up with the support of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme de Paris Nord, and researchers in different disciplines were invited to visit the neighbourhood, guided by local residents who were able to talk about the process and shine light on the project. Simultaneously we set up a publication project with the graphic designers ExposerPublier to produce a Guide to the games illustrating the procedure, and drew up a list of recommendations, including actions which could be taken right away to improve life in the Pleyel neighbourhood. This material is to be made available to those who will take over the project in the future: captains of teams, hosts of the clubhouses, activity leaders and teachers, and project managers of future urban projects.

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