Journeys & Stopovers

Vallée de la Vilaine, Rennes Métropole

In order to enable visitors to navigate and explore the Vallée de la Vilaine, signage designed by Agence Ter and 24 Avril has been used to mark out paths and for guiding walkers. Alongside the original function of the signage, in collaboration with landscape designer Léa Muller-Itinérances we came up with the idea of “revealers” as a way to engage visitors at each site, as with large illustrated narrative panels, geo-stories, and an accompanying soundtrack a sensitive introduction to each area and its challenges.

Geo-stories work like written and illustrated cartographies. Located along the Voie des Rivages, these stories function as guides to each site and provide keys to understanding the landscape and its evolution, as well as those who live there and have an impact on it. The stories are a way of representing, through drawing, image and text, the multiple relationships within a socio-ecosystem as it unfolds in time and space. To enhance the discovery of the sites without weighing on the landscape, an audio guide designed with Micro-sillons is available on the website Vallée de la Vilaine.