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Vallée de la Vilaine, Rennes Métropole

Might glow worms be able to return and illuminate us ?

For all of us, young and not so young, fireflies and glow worms bring back memories and evoke a sense of magic, of fantasy. Some people have never even seen them, some think they have, and some don’t believe they exist any more. For some people they’re insects that gleam in the dark, making a light that can be green, blue or yellow. For others they’re fairies, or magical beings. The Lucioles fieldwork starts on this fertile imaginary territory as a way of thinking about biodiversity and conservation. All through the Year of Vilaine, we undertook this major participative fieldwork project in collaboration with the collective Indiens dans la Ville and the landscape designer Adelaïde Fiche of Folk Paysage, in order to search for fireflies in the Valley. The fieldwork notes took the form of a blog, workshops with different groups of people, both young and old, and a hackathon bringing together artists, hackers and environmental activists to create a prototype for spaces and tools for reintroducing glow worms and preserving the Valley’s biodiversity.
The blog
In partnership with : the National Observatory of Glow Worms and Fireflies and the group of volunteers Estuaire, the agricultural high school in Rheu, and the primary school in Colombier.