Faire Lien - Making Connections

Landy France, Saint-Denis, Plaine Commune

A performance entitled 2 barres was created by GONGLE for a circus artist and an exponent of street workout, a leisure sport that blends gymnastics and bodybuilding and is generally practised outdoors.

Taking the form of a journey criss-crossing Landy, the street workout/ circus skills performance was a way of choreographing a wide variety of ideas of ways to use the urban space, as well as of exploring modes of inhabiting and cohabiting in the neighbourhood, and of depicting relationships between the city, the human body and labour. 2 barres was performed by Baki_HD, a member of Swat team, and Aimé Rauzier, a student in his first year at Académie Fratellini. GONGLE, a group of artists and researchers, seized the opportunity of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to take an inventory of the area, to explore projects at the crossroads of art and sport, and to set up an art-sport network. Their work, undertaken in collaboration with the Département of Seine Saint-Denis, is being developed all over the 93 department of Seine Saint Denis with plans to deploy it more widely across Europe.
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