Journeys & Stopovers

Vallée de la Vilaine, Rennes Métropole

In summer 2016, at three different times of the day, three exploratory walks took place with groups made up of inhabitants, stakeholders and local councillors.

Each journey tried to follow, more or less, the line of one of the three parts of the Voie des Rivages, the long path along the banks of the river designed by Agence Ter which makes it possible to walk from the centre of Rennes to Laillé in a single day. Other routes were also possible. The experience was enhanced thanks to the various tools and programmes we implemented for planning activities and future development: signage, maps, a bivouac and a small cable ferry enabling people to cross different inlets along the river. Bureau Cosmique and Léa Muller, Itinérances, ran the project with us.
Film Traversées augmentées, summer 2016 © Marie Dault