La Fabrique des utopies concrètes

Val d’Oise

Along with sixty other participants, local councillors, services, artists and cultural operators in the region, as well as community centres, youth services and other representatives who tend not to be involved in decision-making, we analysed the trials in order to construct a shared vision and to draw up the specifications for the future CLEA. This workshop allowed us to break the mould of received ideas and conventional hierarchies, in order to encourage a call to arms for new ideas and construct a shared frame of reference for key ideas: how to take into consideration specificities of the region and its dynamics ? Who should be addressed, which public, beneficiaries, participants ? Who should take part, and how ? Who should be in charge ? At what regional level should CLEA operate ?

The last phase of the study allowed us to finalise the call for projects by the new Local Contract for Artistic Education. The basic outline of our plan is as follows:

  • Theme: proposed annually, this offers a way of anchoring the artistic project in the area and determine the ways in which it is used, to begin the story and open a relationship with local partners. In 2017-2018, the theme was Welcome.
  • Micro-regions: groups of between two and four towns within the metropolitan area decided to host jointly a residence-mission focused on a shared issue.
  • Staying local: the call for projects was aimed at individuals or collectives in any discipline, who were able to propose an approach anchored in the region using strategies of intervention that privilege co-creation with all the different participants

In 2019, CLEA was transferred to the stewardship of the Roissy Pays de France metropolitan area, consistent with its partners’ stated aim of setting up an apparatus specific to the region.