Promoting Natural Spaces

Parks and Gardens Agency in Ile-de-France (AEV)

The Grand Voyeux is a former sand quarry that hugs one of the loops of the Marne. It is a vast space between water and land, whose reed beds and ponds are home to a particularly rich bird life: it is a major sanctuary in Ile-de-France for migratory birds and several protected species. The AEV manages this reserve with a strong emphasis on the conservation of both flora and fauna. In order to enable access, some minor additions have been integrated into the site, including observation decks and a lodge. But not long before it was opened to the public, the Agency began to think about how people would visit the site and what kind of guided tours they might offer.

To supplement the classic format of the guided visits that were already on offer, we undertook a study in collaboration with Agence Ter and Mosquito and proposed various artistic and interactive digital tools to emphasise the idea of the experience, the exploration of a fluctuating place between industrial wasteland and nature reserve. Several types of guided tour were proposed, privileging listening and contemplation, to encourage visitors to be sensitive and aware of this protected environment and its inhabitants.