No-one sets off from 0!: from km 0 to Monsieur Hulot’s beach


For the next stage we invited Alexis Fichet to an artist’s residency, so that we could share with him the material that had come out of the workshop and construct the programme for the next public art journey.

We wanted to take a sensitive and local approach to the orientations of the future programme, and to that end we came up with a story to illustrate it. We based it on a route and created a map featuring both real and imagined artworks. In collaboration with the culture department and local councillors, we conceived of ways to implement it, what role the community of public arts would play in it, and what the different stages would be. On 13th July 2019, we set out on the itinerary. Guided by a local archivist, members of the local community and residents were invited to cycle through Saint-Nazaire and the stages of the itinerary were marked, as a way of introducing the future artworks and sharing their stories.