Faire Lien - Making Connections

Landy France, Saint-Denis, Plaine Commune

We invited teams from Landy to direct and film the ideas and concepts they hoped to see made concrete.

Filming took place in seven areas around the district: from highly trafficked public spaces such as the Place aux Etoiles to a secret garden that few people know about and the interior courtyard in the SNCF offices generally not open to the public, a ‘third place’ that is little-known even to employees. These spaces revealed Landy’s qualities and potential. 17 teams made up of 160 participants took part in the event, each one choosing a concept and creating a ‘tableau vivant’. A film, La ZAC, le Quartier, la Plaine, reproduced the results of our study through these ‘tableaux vivants’, expressing participants’ needs, affection for the place, and hoped-for new bonds.
The Landy teams
Team from the SNCF Jardinot Association
Team of Arcelor Mittal employees and sports club members
Team from the SEM Plaine Commune Développement
Team from the La Plaine Citizen Council
Team of Siemens employees
Team from the La Plaine Maison de Quartier
Team from the Académie Fratellini
Team from the Plaine Commune multimedia libraries
Team from the Saint-Denis neighbourhood management committee
Team from the Landy children’s activity centre
Team from the Le Lendit nursery school
Team of SNCF customer service agents
Team of SNCF employees
Team of SNCF employees and local inhabitants
Team from the city of Saint-Denis, Plaine Commune, and local inhabitants
Team of local young people
Team of local skateboarders