Etym. : Cuesta is the Spanish word for « coast ». It describes an asymmetrical landform created by plate tectonics. A cuesta is composed of a ridge with a steep slope on one side, and a plateau gently inclined in the opposite direction on the other. It offers panoramic views over the landscape. Cuestas follow one another like superimposed sheets of paper.




Cuesta is a cooperative company (SCOP SARL) promoting social and cultural innovation. Cuesta advises and provides support to stakeholders in the cultural, urban, social and environmental fields. Focused on the issues of land use management and development, Cuesta is interested in the changes that territories are experiencing in resonance with the social, economic, environmental and political contexts and with the emergence of communities organizing themselves.

Cuesta mobilizes the artistic processes as sensitive tools for analysis. It involves multidisciplinary teams to initiate innovative cultural approaches. These practices are ways to introduce new modes of cooperation and action, to create other transmission frameworks, to renew representations and to imagine narratives that can be shared.

Cuesta develops three inter-related and complementary activities :

– a consulting service, designed to advance the practice of preliminary analysis and leading up to actions that result in change-inducing dynamics on the territories;

– a research activity, in collaboration with artists, scientists, as well as institutional and private stakeholders, aimed at experimenting new fields of knowledge and project frameworks;

– support to artists and designers who wish to extend the scope of their practices outside the usual contexts of the art world.

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Cuesta has been founded par Alexandra Cohen and Agathe Ottavi with ARTER a production company for artistic projects.

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